Introduction to API Services

Attention! From September 1, 2023, changes due to the amendment to the law will take place in the detailed data service. read more

In order to use open data API or XML services, it is necessary to sign an agreement with the Registers and Information Systems Center.

Initially, the existing API (XML) services of the Business Register have been made available for the use of open data, which are planned to be updated by the RIK soon.

We would appreciate it if you could take a moment to share your suggestions and feedback with us about the Open Data API.

Concluding the contract:

  • To conclude the contract, please enter the e-Business Register portal and fill out the contract application
  • Contract applications are reviewed within five working days, after which the necessary information is sent to the administrator user
  • When concluding the contract only for the use of the e-Business Register API services, the use of the services is free of charge

Requirements for the API Services:

  • Maximum number of query answers per contract partner: 50 000 pcs/day*
  • Maximum number of simultaneous queries per contract partner: 1 query*
  • An additional IP-based limit of 20 requests per minute applies when downloading documents (e.g. annual report in PDF format, articles of association, etc.)
  • For (initial) downloading of large datasets, please use open data downloadable files, most files are updated once a day
  • The open data of the Business Register are available in real time through the XML services

*If the volumes are exceeded, the contractual partner's rights to make inquiries are restricted. If it is necessary to make inquiries with a larger volume, please send us reasons and information about the desired volume in advance by e-mail to: so that we can decide whether it is necessary and possible to change the limits.

Link to the WSDL file of the service:

Service address:

Input parameters:

Each query has at least one required input parameter: paringu_nimi (query name) that shows which query is being made. In order to use the service, authentication is required using e-Business Register user name and password. In addition, all inquiries have optional input parameters:

  • language: “est“ – Estonian (default), “eng“ – English

API descriptions: